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Baby chair mould

Baby chair mould Baby chair mould
Product name : Baby chair mould
Item : xsmould-461
Details :
XS Mould made various of  baby chair moulds,baby stool moulds and other plastic chair moulds.

♦  baby chair size information

front leg to back leg dimension: 35cm
leg to seat dimension: 26cm
leg to backrest(total height) dimension: 45cm

This size baby chair is available for 2-5years old children.Normally it's middle size,if client prefer less small or little large size, we can design as per request.

♦ How to find a good chair mould factory

1. As we know many mould factories can make chair moulds,but still request you to do some selection.Personally we think the technical stuff 's experience is very important,as well as their strain capacity to the sudden situation.

2. Chair mould quality,that is chair mould longevity. Chair mould lifetime have much relationship with the mould steel. Normally P20 steel and 45# tempering steel is widely used, but if the chair pattern is much complex,such as rattan pattern,we suggest 718 steel to get well looked molded chairs.

3. Many clients prefer different backrest design. You just make one chair mould with several backrest inserts. These chair backrest inserts are changeable.

4. Sometimes client prefer one adult chair pattern and want it to be made in a baby chair mould.XS Mould has this capacity of designing chair patten or chair size.

5. Air vent and cooling line design is very important in the chair mould,expecially in the chair backrest. XS Mould have knowledgable designers,have the ablity to layout good air vent and cooling line. When chair backrest is complex,if possible,we will make mouldflow to analysis carefully.

Except baby chair mould,XS Mould made baby stool mould,adult chair mould,stool moulds.

baby chair mould
chair mould
chair mould
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